Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mike Giblin designs characters for ITV Newzoids

Former UCLan illustration graduate Mike Giblin has become an established caricaturist since leaving University in around 2001 and has most recently been involved in the development of ITV's new puppet comedy sketch show Newzoids .
Here are some of the character studies that were used by Citrus TV/Factory to design the puppets used in the show which is currently airing on ITV on Wednesdays at 9pm. The show has been dubbed the spiritual successor to Spitting Image - and it is actually funny.
Ever topical I have only chosen the political character designs from Mike's website and in the interest of balance would like to say don't vote for Cameron, I couldn't find Mike's designs for Farage but do not vote for him either...

You can see much more of Mike's work on his website here.

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Mike Giblin said...

Many thanks for the post Steve, I'm delighted you enjoyed the show! Farage was one of David Stoten's designs (for which I'm jealous as hell, it's a belter), which is the reason why you can't find his googly-eyed mug on my website.

I hope you're well, sorry this response is so late but I wasn't aware of the blog's existence until a few moments ago!

Oh, and apologies for being such a bone-idle drunkard in your class all those years ago... ;-)