Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Jody Clark designs the fifth definitive portrait of the Queen

On the 2nd March former UCLAN illustration graduate Jody Clark became only the fifth artist to design the portrait of the queen to feature on the national coinage.  Jody who has been working at the Royal Mint in Cardiff as a designer since 2012 graduated from preston illustration in 2004.

Jody's portrait was selected from entries to an anonymous competition. Interviewed about the process of designing such a significant design he said: “At first I did loads of little thumbnail images to work out the layout, and played around with putting together different crowns, elements, jewellery and silhouettes to see which looked best. Then I picked one and hand sketched it out before working it up using reference imagery." Below is one of the working drawings he created. Once he had drawn the design he created the worked up version entirely digitally, the first to be created digitally.

Jody, who is originally from the Lake District, spoke of his studies in Preston: “I have fond memories of my time at UCLan because I met some of my best friends there and the course helped with broadening my horizons in respect of where my career could go after that. One particular lecturer was very inspiring to me and that was illustrator Kevin Hauff.”

Former UCLan Illustration lecturer Kevin said: “I remember Jody being one of the more quietly dedicated students who had a methodical and considered approach to creating his artwork. He had a passion for the subject, always worked hard, met deadlines and so was a pleasure to share the teaching time with at UCLan. I am absolutely delighted his work has been chosen for the next Royal Mint portrait of the Queen. It is a truly well-deserved success.”

Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum, said the judging panel's decision was "pretty unanimous" and added that this latest portrait is "astonishingly significant". He said it had "a good likeness and a dignified likeness".
The full story of Jody's design can be read on the Royal Mint blog here .

Most recently Jody has been chosen to design the commemorative 2014 proof Britannia (which was struck on the smallest coin ever manufactured by The Royal Mint – the fortieth ounce), 2014 Ryder Cup medals and the new Tanzania 500 shilling coin.

All the staff who worked with Jody on the illustration course would like to congratulate him on such a significant commission. More of Jody's work can be seen on his portfolio site - and in your pocket later this year!

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