Thursday, 22 October 2009

we heart Amelia's Magazine

Amelia's Magazine recently ran an open submission competition to design a two of hearts card for the Shelter Charity exhibition House of cards held at the Haunch of Venison in London

Tania Sneesby 2009 graduate was among those chosen as a part of a patchwork of cards that made up the Amelia's magazine two of hearts.
You can see all the exhibited cards on the shelter site:

also look out for the Amelia's Magazine anthology of Illustration issue out now!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Comica 09

Between 5 and 26 November London is bubbling over with international comics during the Comica Festival's annual three-week season of exhibitions, events, talks, performances, workshops, films, a conference and publishers' fair at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in The Mall and other venues.

Drawn From Life

Illustration event in London in November- December

A chance to hear from three Illustrators with diverse portfolios about their work, their technique, and their influences. Each draws from life; either literally – drawing on the spot – or drawing for inspiration on their rich life history.

Lucinda Rogers

Wednesday 11 November
The practice of reportage, or drawing on the spot, still plays a part in graphic design and publishing. Lucinda Rogers discusses drawing from life, from East End garages to Burgundy vineyards and why she is attracted to overlooked or hidden places.

Lucinda Rogers draws for the Independent, Guardian, the Times, the Telegraph and the New Yorker.

Michael Foreman

Wednesday 25 November
From the moment the bomb burst through his bedroom ceiling
in 1941, Michael Foreman believes real life has coloured his work. Years of travel to exotic and remote places have contributed ideas and locations for many of his books.

Michael Foreman illustrates books, over 300 in total, many for children; writing most himself, though collaborating with Ernest Hemingway, Michael Morpurgo and Kiri Te Kanawa among others

David Gentleman

Wednesday 9 December
His wide range of work includes drawing, painting, wood engraving, print-making, illustrating and designing. He will also touch on drawing for benign and malevolent purposes and the inseparability of art and design.

David Gentleman has written and illustrated books on Britain, London, Paris and India and has designed protest posters, postage stamps and a platform-length mural on the underground

Series of 3 - £25, £20 Friends
Single lecture - £10, £8 Friends
Includes coffee afterward

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ali's Pop-up Workshop

Here is a First Year Illustration students pop up rabbit from today's workshop.