Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Creative Thinking - A4 paper brief?

On Thursday we had a Year One crit looking at responses to the second Creative Thinking brief this year; we asked students can you illustrate a word beginning with the letter A using only one sheet of A4 photocopy paper?

Below are a few of the better solutions. There were of course several things people could do to improve their solutions even some of these below? Research; some students did not go far enough to seek out the words they wanted to illustrate and stuck to the sample words given at the start. Others selected words that caused headaches because they were difficult to make visual connections to - This led to some overcomplicated solutions. Some did not go far enough in making connections to their chosen words, or think laterally enough which led to very literal solutions. Some concentrated on technique over the idea leading to some lovely paper cuts that did not communicate the idea very clearly. Some had the potential to go much further than they did, and take risks.

However it must be said that overall we were impressed and cheered by some of the thinking on display .

Answers from top to bottom: A for Acrobatic, America, Ape, Asian, Acorn, Aztec, Anthology, Adventure.

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