Friday, 13 January 2012

Jake Tyas included in Curious Pursuits Exhibition at the Portico Gallery

Year Three illustrator Jake Tyas has been selected for Porter and Jenkinson's Curious Pursuits Show at the Portico Gallery in Manchester.

Art Historian collective Porter & Jenkinson aim to showcase the best contemporary art responding to the lost themes and ideas behind the dark, strange, curious and peculiar Victorian aesthetics.
Their premier exhibition Curious Pursuits challenges the conservative image that is frequently associated with the Victorians. Often perceived as prudish and straight-laced, the Victorian’s obsession with – to mention a few pursuits – erotica, theatrical spectacles, the sensational, murder stories and freak shows, has long been pushed to the corners of society’s collective mind. Porter & Jenkinson aim to bring these forgotten ideas to the foreground and explore the responses and reactions in our contemporary society.
The pieces forming the exhibition are what Porter & Jenkinson deem to be intriguing works that depict and celebrate all things curious.

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Andy from Workshopshed said...

Love the mermaid you can also look out for my flea chariot if you visit the Portico next month