Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Creative Industry Statistics

I was musing, and getting annoyed, about the undervalued contribution that the Creative Industry sector makes to the UK economy today - don't ask... Lets just say it followed one of those "how come the UK Government is cutting all teaching funding to Creative higher education" discussions.  This government truly are idiots...
I decided that the Government themselves must have stats on this? And so I was directed via google to the Department of Culture Media and Sport to some national statistics from 2008:
Did you know that:

Advertising earns the UK - £7.8bn or 0.7 % of the gross value added (GVA is the amount earned for the UK economy) and employs 299,000 people.
Design earns the UK - £1.6bn 0.2% of GVA and employs 225,000 people.
Publishing - £10.1bn and 1% of GVA employing 236,000 people.
In total the Creative Industries including Art, Music, TV, Digital, Designer Fashion etc is responsible for earning the UK economy £59bn about 5.5% of total GVA employing 2,278,000 people. You can see tables of the stats by clicking the title link.

There are 14,000 design enterprises in the UK and a similar number of Advertising enterprises. There are some 2million creative enterprises in total in the UK, making up about 8% of all businesses in the UK- so where is the sense in cutting all teaching funding to education in the Arts and Design, where are the designers, visual communicators, and more to the point illustrators of the future going to come from?

This government are a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!

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