Thursday, 10 March 2011

Liam Derbyshire Editorial Illustrator

Always good to hear from our alumni especially when they are working on interesting stuff. Here is a piece of work by recent graduate (2009) Liam Derbyshire who is clearly doing pretty well as an editorial illustrator, which is great to hear. this illustration was published in October in Management Today magazine for a piece about government and business. 
I think that if you had told Liam he would be an editorial illustrator after the first year at university he would not have believed you, now however he is a magazine stalwart! His work has been selected for Images and he is submitting work for Images and 3X3 magazine again and it was heartening to hear him say;
"I remember first looking at the Images annuals in the studio at uni thinking having your work appear in there was a million miles away, but with a bit of hard work and creative spark, you can get there."

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