Monday, 31 January 2011

Macmillan Prize for Children's Book Illustration 2011

The entry forms for the Macmillan Children's Book Illustration Prize are available by following the title link.

Hard copy versions of the call to entry forms came through the post last week and included a small collectable postcard pack celebrating illustrators new to Macmillan's children's book list. The postcard pack; "Picture Book Parade" is illustrated by Emily Gravett, and it celebrates eight "new-to Macmillan" illustrators including: Chloe and Mick Inkpen, Rebecca Patterson, Rebecca Cobb, Elissa Elwick, Zehra Hicks, Lane Smith, Julie Monks(Lydia's sister), and Esther Hall who recently graduated from the MA Children's Book Illustration here at Preston. Esther's first book for Macmillan illustrated with linocuts "Grow Your Own" should be out later this year.


Kayleigh said...

I'm a little bit sad i can't enter this year. :(


But you can do a book and send it to a real publisher at Andersen Press, because they have a file for you. You can send it to Macmillan because they know who you are too?

draw-a-rama said...

that told ya Kayleigh : )

so how is our twice commended at Macmillan children's book Illustrator?