Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Folio - The Folio Society Magazine April -June 1967

The Folio Society and House of Illustration are sponsoring a competition to illustrate The Outsider by Albert Camus. The Folio Society (click the title link) publishes beautiful illustrated books for adults (rather than for children) by subscription and they have worked with many of the country's finest illustrators. By a strange coincidence Mr Bainbridge from the Disciples of Design discovered some copies of the Folio Society Magazine from the 1960s that were once a part of the Graphics course archive. I have posted an article here by Nigel Lambourne from 1967 (I was nearly 2 years old!)

Above you can read a fascinating short article about autographic techniques in book illustration by Nigel Lambourne (1919-1988) an excellent draughtsman Nigel Lambourne was an illustrator and printmaker who trained at the RCA. By "Autographic" here he means illustrations that are directly printed into the publication rather than being photographically reproduced and then printed. 
I may feature Nigel Lambourne as another "forgotten" illustrator shortly.
The final illustration is a frontispiece and is a reference to the last phrase in the article and is by John Lawrence a nice two colour print from a plastic "plate".

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Steve said...

Great article - I'm always interested in finding new stuff by/about Nigel Lambourne, one of the most skilled and underrated draughtsmen and printers of the last century. It surprises me that names like Nigel Lambourne, Charles Keeping and Frank Martin are unknown by many because they were seen as illustrators rather than artists; despite their remarkable technical ability and artistic flair. It's encouraging to see Bawden and Ravilious enjoying renewed popularity, hopefully Nigel Lambourne will ultimately recieve the appreciation he deserved and, from what I've read of him, I think would have liked