Thursday, 23 September 2010

Images 34

Hearty well dones, firm handshakes and slaps on the back for Rob Gill and Alex Barrett recent graduates who have both been selected for Images 34 the Association of Illustrators Annual.

Rob for this piece of work from a University project for an anti litter campaign.

Alex Barretts selected piece was "Unleashed" that was used as publicity for the University Summer Shows a year ago. Both Alex and Rob are currently employed working within design studios. Rob's  website and blog are already linked off this blog, whilst more of Alex's work can be seen here:

In addition former Uclan lecturers Kevin Hauff and Chris Harper have been selected (I will endeavour to get some images to blog soon!) and quite a few of our recent visiting speakers - well done to Chris Vine, and to Jill Calder who won a silver award for design illustration, and David Hughes who won the critics award.

Jill Calder

David Hughes won the critics award for this piece " Walking the Dog"

Mr Hughes' highly entertaining blog can be found here

Also one of my former students from ye olden days at Bradford College Jonathan Burton who went on to MA study at Kingston (I can't really take any credit, as he never showed up at Bradford...) won the silver award for book illustration with this:

See more of his excellent work here:

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