Thursday, 1 July 2010

Creative Review Illustration Annual 2010

This month's Creative Review has a special illustration feature:
Illustration Annual 2010
With some really fascinating work from the likes of Nigel Peake, ilovedust, Sophia Augusta, Christine Berrie,
Kate Gibb, Noma Bar, Chrissie Macdonald, and many more...

Do grab a copy, buy or nick one whatever but get a look.

There are a series of beautiful faber and faber poetry covers pg 42 and43 which has saved me a fortune in having to buy them all...

And our Preston Illustration's very own Rachel Goslin graduated in ooh when was it again Rachel? Anyway Rachel is featured on pages 48 and 49 for her work for The Twisted Originals comic featured in the Levi's store in Carnaby Street. The comic strip is also animated and Rachel has retrained in animation at St Martins.

Find more of her work at: where you can also find links to some of her animated stuff.

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