Sunday, 14 February 2010

How to: eHow

What are the chances of that?
The Guardian Weekend has an article that is more or less the current first Year brief.
Although "How to French kiss" was not one of the choices: Maybe next year?

How to french kiss

By eHow contributing writer
Difficulty Easy
Things you'll need Mints
1 Start with gentle pecks and tongue-free kisses as you get to know someone.
2 When you're ready to french kiss, lean toward your date with your head tilted slightly to avoid bumping noses.
3 Make eye contact as you lean toward one another but close your eyes as the lips meet.
4 As you lean in for the kiss, have your lips parted slightly and inhale through your mouth to heighten the senses and to avoid breathing on your date.
5 Allow your lips to brush against each other's to create light, feathery kisses. Keep the tongue in your mouth initially.
6 As the kiss warms up, allow your tongue to flicker on to your date's lips. Don't let your tongue linger – keep the flickers quick and gentle.
7 If your date responds in kind, let your tongue extend back toward his or her tongue. Keep the movement light and gentle – tongue wrestling is a no-no.
8 Breathe through your nose as your tongues touch.
9 Lose yourself in the moment: give complete attention to the kiss.
10 End the kiss. French kissing can get messy if continued without breathers. Take time to nuzzle necks, nibble ears or whisper sweet nothings.

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