Sunday, 16 August 2009

Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)

A bit of light Summer reading, have just finished reading the history of Thomas Bewick wood engraver and artist by Jenny Uglow, Not too much insight into his process but an interesting read nevertheless. He is definitely a forerunner of the illustration discipline we see today- and strangely enough many of the business issues sound uncomfortably familiar!
I was interested in the lengths he went to to get the correct reference (walking for three days to draw a bull!?) he could draw very well indeed.
I enjoyed the book, I found it interesting that he did any old job from designing flyers for events to illustrating the first popular natural history books. He sounded like a nice down to earth chap as well.

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Jennie said...

That sound an interesting read... I was researching Thomas Bewick earlier in the year... he developed the technique of engraving on the end-grain of the wood for greater accuracy and detail didn't he? ... unless I am thinking of another Thomas Bewick...