Thursday, 15 May 2008


Hello all year 2 students racking their brains about what the future of illustration holds? Look at/buy/borrow/steal a copy of Varoom mag the AOI magazine (click the title link).
Also includes comment in an article about self promotion from Jay Taylor a recent graduate and visiting lecturer.


Jennie said...

Just call me the 'crazy comment leaver' - honestly won't someone else make a comment? It makes me look mad, but I want to say something, so I will.

This image reminds me of a Blue Meanie.

Also, I accidentally saw a talk by Jay Taylor and really liked it because he showed how much hard work and determination is involved in self-promotion if one wants to become an illustrator - I really appreciated this - somethimes I have met people who think there is more luck than hard work involved in becomming an illustrator and as I can't influence luck, such concepts leave me feeling insecure, but hard work on the other hand is something we can have control over and Jay is living proof that it works.

ali graney said...