Monday, 25 February 2008

Ten tips on how to design an eye-catching book cover

The design team at Harper Collins have come up with ten tips to help you create an eye-catching book cover.

1. Look at the competition - what are other designers creating, what are the current trends, and what will make your design stand out?

2. Create a moodboard - get a feel for the book by amassing ideas and inspirations.

3. Give yourself a deadline to come up with initial concepts.

4. Always fulfil the brief – but don't be afraid to try other ideas as well

5. Keep all the roughs or initial workings you do – you never know where the inspiration for the winning design can come from!

6. Listen to any feedback. Remember, you don't always have to agree with what other people say, but do get their opinions.

7. Read the book. It sounds obvious, but you'd be amazed how many artists and designers don't. This is the best way to understand what the title is.

8. Keep it simple - straightforward, plain ideas are sometimes best.

9. Keep it legible - you want people to be able to read what they pick-up off the shelf.

10. Get your work in on time - don't miss the competition deadline!

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